Skip King a ecrit:
> I think the Champs Elysees is boring, but you might like 
> it, if only to say you strolled along it.

Reminds me of a joke I was told by a Brit buddy o' mine as we were walking 
down the sidewalk...

Q: Do you know why the Champs Elysees has all these trees planted down the 

A: So the Germans can march in the shade.

Personally, I've always enjoyed just walking around taking it in.  It's an 
extremely walkable city.  It's a great place if you have a bottomless 
expense account.  With the crashed dollar, even a baguette at the 
boulangerie is a little pricey.  I concur with Skip's list of places to 
avoid even though I confess that I've done them all.


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