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> I am flying to France next week.   I will be working in Tours, just
> southeast of Paris.  I will have a free weekend and was thinking of
> spending it in Paris.

Actually, Tours is *southwest* of Paris, in the world renowned Loire
valley.  Why mess with Paris when there's plenty of things close by?
For hotels and restaurants, your dollar will go *much* further outside
of Paris and the locals are friendlier.  A side trip to Chartres is
highly recommended.

Paris is certainly a great place to visit.  But I think I would want to
spend longer than a weekend, and don't forget the logistics of getting
into Paris to your hotel, which could be a pain if you are driving in.

In general, the Paris advice that others have offered up is pretty good.
I think the Invalides museum, which is the French military museum, is
quite funky and cool.  It's right next to Napoleon's tomb, and close
to Rodin and impressionist museums.


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