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>Subject:      Michelle Gardner-Quinn
>I am finding this to be very disturbing.
>I like to believe that I live in a safe area.
>I guess I am being naive. 

But Vermont is very much a part of the corrupt and
declining American culture.

Heard recently on this site (not exact quotes)
Bob breaks the law and speeds, so what if he blasts
down a twisty doing 90. Until he swerves to avoid an
animal and heads on the family of five.

Or Tiz who breaks the law and does drugs until her
head explodes, oblivious to the trail of personal
destruction she leaves behind her.

Or Rojbert who opined that those who break the law and
burgle, assault and rob are doing so as a form of
social protest.

All instances of a broken social contract. Maybe the
murderer read these posts and thought we all had the
right to pick and choose the laws we obey. He just
decided that murder was the law to ignore, he probably
used the same rationalizations.

Or maybe he was influenced by the extremely popular
hip hop/rap genre. All women are B*#ch's and Ho's good
for one thing then you throw them away.  Worthless.

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