Folks on this list are all too often quick to condemn
people for heading out into the back country
inadequately prepared and winding up in a predicament
and having to be rescued or worse yet have their body
Their is a similarity here.  What she did was
perfectly fine and legal and millions of others do and
never wind up in trouble.  Millions of people ski in
the trees alone.  Millions go out in the back country
ill prepared and never have a problem and make it back
all right.  The actions increase the possibility that
something unplanned might lead to more trouble than

If she took the night off someone else might be dead
but she wouldn't.  In hind sight I have often
evaluated my own decisions and realized how lucky I
was to still be around. If I was a cat my nine lives
would have been gone before I got out of college. If
she was reading about someone else's misfortune it
might move her to change her habits somewhat. 

Time teaches us lessons that help us change our
behavior and look at things we do differently and how
simple actions could result in serious implications
for ourselves and/or others.  Unfortunately, her
number came up too soon.  Jimski   

--- Scott Braaten <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> On Tue, 17 Oct 2006 09:26:14 -0600, Chris Henry
> <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> >we can also shake our heads at the foolish of these
> >college kids getting loaded night after night and
> allowing something like
> >this to happen.
> Do none of you go out for some reebs on a Friday
> night?  She was not 
> crawling-up-the-street knurd on a Monday night.  And
> on a personal note, 
> her memorial service made it quite clear she was
> certainly not a "loaded 
> night after night" person; she was likely going out
> with friends because 
> it was Friday night and decided to hold off on
> getting completely 
> sh*tfaced because her parents were coming the next
> day (doesn't mean you 
> can't have a drink or two).  
> What did the rest of you do while attending college
> on Friday nights?
> I rarely take a stand on off-topic discussions, but
> I absolutely hate the 
> blame the knurd college kids on any level in this
> case.  Why is this not 
> looked at as a
> if-he-was-off-the-streets-for-previous-crimes it
> wouldn't 
> have happened.  

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