>At the risk of being sucked into a flame war -
>That was a really stupid and pointless comment, Steve.

yeah, it was stupid.  

but it did have a point, albeit a bad one: american culture (including 
skivt-l) is going down the tubes, and we can blame the rappers for it.  
piffle.  to equate rape (possibly) and murder (seems likely) with 
doing "drugs until her head explodes" further corrupts and degrades 
american culture, if you ask me.  

to say that all crimes are the same because all crimes break laws is a 
grossly whacked.  this is, however, a great lesson in logical fallacies-- 
oversimplification and black and white thinking for sure.  bk can probably 
detect others.  you also took roger out of context... which is a great way 
to twist someone else's words to your own advantage.

and specifically, if i may speak for eo, to say that hip hop culture is 
all misogynistic is just plain wrong and reeks of ignorant stereotypes.

i'm done.


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