>From:         Ed Malczyk <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject:      Re: Law vs. Morality
>Locke, speaking through Jefferson noted 
>that human events could necessitate dissolving the
social contract if 
>the government violates the Rule of Law.  When
governments violate 
>moral standards and manipulate the Rule of Law to
maintain their >power, they invite the legitimate
dissolution of the social contract.  
"governments violate moral standards and manipulate
the Rule of Law"

Sounds like a good working definition of government.
Death by government killed more than 150 million
people in the last century. 

The founders understood the dynamics at work,
unfortunately  the Constitution was a failure.
Insufficient for the task.

"legitimate dissolution of the social contract"
My social contract is with others in my society, not
government, based on principals derived from Natural
Law, our mutual rights to Life, Liberty and Property. 

I have no contract with government and I take no
responsibility for governmental actions. In fact I
oppose the most of what the  government does. 

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