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>Sorry, Dana. Anyone who rapes a child DOES deserve to be put to death or >physically castrated. I am more conservative than His Editorship when it >comes to violence against children.
And were that a legal option for the judge, he might have gone for that too, but it (apparently) wasn't. 

And there's no need to apologize to me! I didn't review the evidence, but he was convicted on 2 counts of aggravated lauxes-assault. I'm not sure what exactly that means under VT law- in some states "aggravated" can mean merely that the victim was under a more tender age making it a different crime from statutory r*pe, in others it requires application of physical force &/or some other assault (weapons, whatever) beyond the lauxes aspects of the crime. The levels & degrees of violence involved here is unknown to me, but either way I find it abominable. And as a parent I fully appreciate the gut-reaction to these crimes. (I wrote previously that there would likely be a huge pool of volunteers to pull the trigger on the guy.)

But don't hang the judge for not extending the law to make it a capital crime where the legislative bodies hadn't. (I'm sure we don't want to live in THAT sort of a society either.) If the laws as-written are unacceptable, they can be re-written. I hope judges apply them correctly, making the best of an imperfect system.

BTW: Castration (physical or chemical) has proven to be unreliable in controlling xes-offenders- better stick to advocating the capital-punishment as the only assured method. But I'm sure alleged-abuser/alleged-former-abused-child Foley might have another perspective on what's appropriate or effective.

And it's still not snowing...

...but at least they're skiing on Everest this week!

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