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Subject: [SKIVT-L] Best Toddler Ski Program in US?> To:
[log in to unmask]> > Im planning on going somewhere in early December.
Its going to be a > daunting task, but I am going to take my 3 1/2 year old
daughter alone on a > ski trip.> > What are your suggestions on who has the
best intro to ski full day program > for children that young. I want a good
facility, good teachers, and good > lodging. Take the snow conditions
picture out of it right now since one > can never tell. I just want to get a
list going and do some research and > book something where the snow is
best.> > I will travel anywhere its good.
>A lot of places (as we've discovered over the past year) don't do full ski
school programs with the kids until they are four years old.  Some do have
programs that involve children three years and older however, so sticking to
that list (assuming your daughter still hasn't reached four by the time of
the trip) will make your list a lot shorter and easier to manage.

3 yr olds are not going to show up and stand outside ready to go when 
the instructor shows up.  Toilets issues, staying warm and dry are big
issues with the under 4 crowd.   So most places start with the younger 
crowd in the day care.  Then they snack them, toilet them, and then get
them all dressed at the same time.  They they get out and try to get as
much done as possible.  It doesn't take long before hunger, toilet, or 
cold bring it all to a halt.

Weather is a big factor in how much they can get done.  Distance from
daycare to slope is a big factor.  You want one where they can walk out
the door and be on the slope.   Look at the layout.  How easy is it 
would be to get 10 toddlers from point a to point b.  If there is a hill
they have to walk up, one kid falls and slides down, all the other kids
are going to fall and slide down. . .

They don't get a lot done, but they do have fun.  You can supplement it with
a couple of privates.

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