Another UVM student on another forum posted these and I thought I'd pass 
them along.  They are from Jeffersonville and up RT108.

And it looks like the snow in Williston survived today to some extent via 
the I-89 DOT camera:


ps: Weather next week still looks like additional snowfall in the 
mountains though not sure just how much.  It will, however, be 
significantly colder (yesterday's snow was with 850mb temps of -1 or -2) 
with 850mb temps getting into the -6C to -9C range.  Good pattern heading 
into early season, lots of cold air production in the arctic region on 
this side of globe, and an ever expanding snowpack in Canada is telling me 
we are seeing something completely different than last season.  My concern 
is that it actually gets *too* cold for snow come December.  Last October 
we had a mix of cold air and Hurricane Wilma that brought our major 
snowfall...which was truely a freak event in a warm pattern.  To get a 
hurricane close to the east coast you need a large eastern ridge and it 
just happened to be timed with a transient trough moving through.  That 
eastern ridge was surpressed for the last week of October after being 
there for the whole month, and then returned at the beginning of 
November.  We've got a whole other ballgame this year with several cold 
air vortices already formed.  

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