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>Hiking fast and at altitude.
>Sounds like you're doing great Denis.  Good to hear.
>A note for the rock climbers on the board:  That tram leads to one 
>of the best little-known
>bouldering areas in the country.  On a 105 degree day in Palm 
>Springs, you can take the tram and
>be in a cool alpine environment, overlooking the desert, and scaring 
>yourelf silly while climbing
>blank 20-foot tall  granite eggs.  A truly unique place.

Even those who are not into "blank 20-foot tall  granite eggs" would 
enjoy this trip.  There are lift junkies on the list; the tram in 
question is the second-biggest lift in the world in terms of vertical 
rise.  A mechanical marvel - despite which it uses less horsepower 
than most of the McBFLs in the northeast - purely as a function of 
physics.  Find yourself sweltering in Palm Springs, and the Tram is 
your answer - up a mile or so, where it's cool and pretty.  The tram 
is a tourist attraction, it is true - but there are marvels of view 
and environment at the top.  Get away from the terminal and it's 
downright fabulous up there.

Denis, I have always been impressed by you - moreso by your 
post-surgery efforts.  Which said:  listers who have the misfortune 
to find themselves in the vicinity of Palm Springs (an elegant hell 
if there ever was one) MUST go for that ride.  It's great.

BTW - if you're there for a second day, take the two-hour drive and 
go to Joshua Tree.  It's like being on another planet.  Unbelievably 
gorgeous - and weird - place.  Go.  Trust me.  You'll thank me later. 

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