On 27 Oct 2006, at 11:53 AM, Sharon Lives wrote:

> Sorry...that was posted at midnite and was still available at 7:30  
> this
> morning.
> SAC is out of SLC btw.
> I think they move on to the next item once the item has sold out.
> I had to put them on my google page to keep up with it. So far I've  
> bought
> 2 jackets (a parka and a softshell, both ArcTeryx), Smith sunglasses
> w/removeable lenses (the amber is awesome in cloudy conditions...been
> wearin'm all week!). A pair of Salomon XHot ( pilot) for $200
> which will be my all-mtn cruisers this year, and the winter hydration
> reservoir today! I LOVE SAC! Though it is killing my budget. (Did I  
> really
> need both of those jackets?)But I have some cool and useful stuff now.

I hear that.  I've gotten a bunch of synthetic layering stuff (first- 
layer and second-layer, mostly), a pair of Salomon clogs, and I went  
for three of the locking 'biners today (because they might be  
useful...isn't that a great reason to buy 'em?)

I've also installed the system tray app on my PC, and I now get  
alerted each time the item changes (more reliably than the RSS feed  
would work, actually); I almost managed to score another Smartwool  
zip t-neck last week as a result, but I took too long checking the  
size of the one I already had.

> When they post a small backpack that can carry skis, I'll be all  
> over it.
> My Kelty is rather bulky for lift-served backcountry, though great for
> carrying extra layers.

I take it you missed the Dakine Vertex on Monday?  Mine's supposed to  
be here today.

(Also, you might want to keep an eye out for it to reappaer...I know  
that the website was acting up when they sold out, so some people had  
accidentally ordered more than one and then canceled the order; I  
decided that I'd rather have one than five and spent a few minutes on  
the phone with to get it resolved, but they were able  
to cancel the extraneous orders before they shipped.  So I suspect  
that they've got at least four left in the warehouse somewhere.)

Kevin T. Broderick
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