On 22 Oct 2006, at 11:55 AM, Roger Klinger wrote:

> On Sat, 21 Oct 2006 20:50:56 -0400, Jonathan S. Shefftz  
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>> Saw only 11 skiers on the alpine trails
> Interesting that you say "only".  Just a few years ago you may have  
> been shocked to see that many
> people earning turns in one area  around here.  I'm not sure I have  
> ever run into 11 people while
> earning turns in Vermont.

Well, I saw only two sredraobwons today, although most of the lower- 
mountain trails seemed to have a fair number of tracks on them.   
Beech Seal looks downright tracked out, although the large amount of  
foot traffic on the bottom hundred yards or so (from lift evac  
training) amplifies that a bit.  I started down Bear Run and decided  
to drop down the freshly-stumped liftline into Kids Park, which  
allowed me to get some fresh tracks (although there was another set  
down skier's left of the trail).  The sun definitely warmed things up  
today, and the liquid snow crossings are a lot more prominent than  
they were yesterday.  The air felt a *lot* warmer, though...I suppose  
that's the result of being out in the early afternoon instead of at  

I did take a couple of photos, but I haven't looked at them yet...I  
doubt any are particularly interesting, but I'll post 'em later if  
they are.

Kevin T. Broderick
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