The MWO Observer's Comments and photos this morning are worth looking at. He
says it's now the 3rd snowiest October on record and could move into 2nd place
with the current storm. Isn't last October the snowiest on record? As much as
Scott promises us that another snowy October doesn't necessarily mean a
snowless winter, I am worried.

The photos show that the summit is encrusted with an unusually thick coast of
snow and ice. That would explain why the Presidentials yesterday when viewed
from the central Greens looked as white as I've ever seen them.

Our ski tracks from Tuesday near the Tip Top House have been preserved for the

On Tuesday we made tracks next to those stairs in 6 inches of soft "rime
powder". There were no drifts on the stairs, as I was contemplating skiing down
them. A few days later there are hugh drifts with lots of sastrugi and ice.


What a difference a day makes atop the Rockpile!

For the record, although those are our tracks, the snow conditions on the day we
skied were unlike those on the day the photo was taken. We skied through "rime
powder" that was soft and 6 inches deep. This photo shows nasty sastrugi and
hard glaze.

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