What a difference a day makes indeed!

	Yesterday was beautiful.

	 Today is one of the rainiest, windiest days I can recall since  
we've lived here.  The wind gusts are freight trains when they come  
and the rain just pounds with them.   The temp at the house (~1200  
ft) is about 41 F.   All I can think is... if this were SNOW --- Wow.

	In the morning when heading down into town (when you could still  
see) the upper half of Mansfield still looked quite white even from  
the distance, but the bottom half was turning brown, unlike  
yesterday's top to bottom coverage.  Last night it was down in the  

	Yesterday I  drove up for a close look at Mansfield. (No hiking for  
me).  Even around noon there were still people hiking up Gondolier,  
while others looked like they were packing up.   Nosedive and  
Gondolier looked more than a little tracked.   The new transfer lift  
station looks pretty complete.  There are some new parking areas by  
entrance to Mansfield.   Couldn't quite figure out how the new  
grading was set up for the transfer lift access to/from Gondi side  
and Quad side -- alot of grading work in that area.

	The Spruce lot is so much smaller now it looks like many people will  
simply park at Mansfield and take the transfer lift to Spruce, which  
I'm sure is what the Mtn. Co. prefers with the construction going on  
over there.  	

	Weather forecast mentions snow for tomorrow, but meanwhile I'm  
wondering if the upper mountain is snow in this storm.  In any case  
with these winds it must be nasty up there today... not to mention  
Mt. Washington -- yikes.

	Don't forget to turn your clocks BACK an hour tonight.


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