Despite a busy work schedule, I managed to sneak out just before  
sunset.  I didn't make it all the way to the top of the Vista chair  
(my original plan), as the sun dropped behind a heavy cloud bank  
before it hit the horizon and I was a bit concerned about running out  
of light.  Instead, I put my skis on at the top of Swing after doing  
a quick depth check (Based on tail insertion depth, I'd say there's  
about 12" on Sherman's near the Swing intersection, which seemed  
neither particularly wind-loaded nor particularly windscoured).  I  
skied Swing to Work Road and then continued down Fanny Hill, trying  
not to catch my 188s in the crust...and then I hit the stuff that  
hadn't crusted up.  Most of Lower Fanny Hill was well-covered with  
soft snow, and I got several legitimate turns in above and below the  
narrow section in the middle (which had some slight coverage  
issues).  I'll probably get a few pics up later today.

Then I woke up this morning to mixed news.  The good: the stuff  
coming down is [was?] crystalline.  The bad: I'd have a hard time  
calling it snow.  It was bouncing off my sliding door, and the wind  
seemed to be coming in (in hindsight, I should have made sure the  
storm was shut last night).  An hour later--at 0800--it stopped  
bouncing, but it still ain't pretty.

Pics are up at < 

I was out on the hill for work purposes today, and the snow seemed to  
be holding up pretty well--the water hazards have gotten worse, and  
waterbars were full of tasty-looking slush--but the snow seemed like  
it would have been worth skiing, had I not already been out in the  
niar for a sufficient amount of time to get wet and make my toes  
cold.  With next week's forecast, I'm cautiously optimistic--I think  
I have a better chance of getting good skiing in than I do of getting  
warm weather in which to put my snow tires on.

Kevin T. Broderick
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