We are involved with the VT Ski Museum in Stowe (esp. husband) and  
attended the 2007 Hall of Fame induction dinner last night. It was  
very interesting and memorable in that it highlighted what a tight- 
knit and small community ski racing is and how far the sport has come  
over the years.

		Some of the stories told were interesting, but what struck me as  
most touching was when the crowd of 300 gave Jimmie Huega a standing  
ovation (he's now in a wheelchair- Billy Kidd wheeled him on stage)  
as Huega took the microphone and spoke to the crowd.  Also present  
was Bob Beattie who spoke about coaching both of these guys back in  
their Olympic Days.   A sizeable contingent from Burke was present to  
honor Warren Witherell,  who along with Billy Kidd were the only two  
honorees NOT being honored posthumously.   Friends and family members  
of the deceased spoke on behalf of the others.

Bios of new Hall of Fame members are detailed at the museum's web  
site --  Perry Merrill and Roland Palmedo are two others -- to see  
them all go there:

		I'm sure some of the national ski press was there covering the  
event.  It was a memorable evening.


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