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>I hope I'm wrong... but I imagine thats a drift in a single spot...    The
>mrg cam doesn't even show new snow at mid station... Hard to believe that
>there is nothing at mid and 2 feet on top...

I could believe it though the stake might shed some light.  My guess is 
around 15" at the stake.  Consider the following:
1) Temps have been below freezing up top with constant precipitation for 
the past 36 hours.
2) Yesterday at 5pm there was 2" new and a 6" depth.  
3) Smugglers Notch co-op reported 0.85" new liquid precip this morning 
confirming that precipitation amounts have been realized and exceeded.  I 
was going with .5-.75" total for the event and that was through 6am this 
morning...and it has been precipitating all day long with a burst between 
12-2pm that likely dropped a quick 2-4" at 4,000ft.

My guess is that we do have a fairly incredible elevation event going on 
right now and while I might not buy into 24"...15" or so wouldn't surprise 
me at the top of the Mansfield Quad.  Radar indicated heavy activity over 
Mansfield throughout last night and today.

Where's the stake data?

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