word of the day, mrg 10/25

gloat: verb. to contemplate 
oneís own success or anotherís 
misfortune with smugness 
or malignant pleasure.  i have

a hard time putting the words
malignant and pleasure together,
but there they are, apparently
derived from the sideways glance

or furtive look, though its 
origin is definitely uncertain--
as in, did i really get away
with that? maybe it'll come
from mansfield, too--but i'll be
content to scratch out a few
powdery turns on stark's flank,
punchy, but certain--and certainly

not at the expense of another's 
disfortune or domestic confinery.


debata: at least 10", maybe 12" up on the dub.  got punchier every few 
hundred feet... almost better with less base in spots. the single'll be 
where it's at tonight... enough wind to wipe out all previous tracks.  i'm 
guessing skier's left of ********* **** will be awesome, dave.

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