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>Just wrote up the report with pictures at FTO and don't feel like doing a
>million tiny urls here on skivt-l.  Yesterday just knocked the quality-of-
>life-in-Vermont meter up a notch.

After just reading an email response J.Spin sent me, this photo turns out 
to be quite interesting looking back on it.

I remember taking this photo and thinking there was still a fairly steady 
flow of traffic up Nosedive.  Turned out the two guys hiking on the right 
side were lister Aaron and friend Paul...while the guy skinning up on the 
left side was Jay.  I thought it might have been Jay which is why I took a 
break at the Cliff Trail intersection of Nosedive, after taking some pics, 
drinking a Gatorade, and wandering around testing snow depths, Aaron and 
Paul approached.  I thought that was odd as they were behind the guy 
skinning and I know he didn't pass by.  So I inquired if someone had just 
skied by and they said yep.  Jay must've clicked in not 100 feet below me 
to go tend to family matters.    


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