Kit DesLauriers, regarding the recent ski descent of the Lohtse Face.

"Like your life depends upon it"

I developed a mantra during the descent that came to me from somewhere
unknown… before each turn I would say to myself "like your life
depends upon it" and then make a turn. "Like your life depends upon
it", turn. All the while we kept tabs on each other knowing that if
anyone made a single mistake, they would be unrecognizable at the
bottom of the Lhotse Face. Blowing an edge was not an option. We were
like three climbers free soloing at a high level side by side, but in
reality we were just three friends from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, doing
what we love to do. The trust among us was palpable. When we finally
crossed over the bergschrund after 2 hours, we screamed with joy and
adrenaline. We all agreed that it was the most serious ski descent of
our lives.


- Bruno

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