Yes, the forum does verify Zoo accounts (and passwords).  phpBB actually 
has a pretty sophisticated permissions system; we can configure access 
levels almost any way we want.

The setup for General Discussion and Jobs deliberately allows posts from 
anywhere (though I see this has created a bit of a spam problem -- I'll 
delete those messages now); are our current officers monitoring this?

I've changed the CS-008/CS-002/CS-042 boards to "Registered" mode, which 
is a configuration that allows anybody to view posts, but only 
registered users to post.  This can be tightened or loosened as much as 
you like, even to the point of allowing only specific users to see and 
post.  Of course, to do that we'll need a list of users who are allowed in.

The biggest reason we chose phpBB for our forum is its permission 
management scheme (which rivals vBulletin in power); we should 
definitely be exploiting it.  (-:

Aantan Bhattacharya wrote:
>   Yes,
> just install some kind of id checker.. like.. password  or roll no.. 
> or session code.. or anything like that.. in the initial stage of 
> entry to the message board
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> Aantan
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> On Tue, 07 Nov 2006 Robert M Erickson wrote :
> >can someone fix the message board so outsiders cannot post?
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> >    Bob E.
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