I am contacting you in regards to a professional publishing opportunity with McGraw-Hill or John Wiley & Sons.  There is no cost to you.  I am Roger Woodson, AKA R. Dodge Woodson.  As an author I have written more than 85 books.  My book production company, Lone Wolf Enterprises, Ltd. is a well-known book producer who works heavily with both McGraw-Hill and Wiley.


We are looking for experts to author or contribute to professional reference books and textbooks.  Lone Wolf is hired by the publisher to locate viable authors and to do the project management and book composition for projects that the publishers will publish and market.


Writing experience is not required.  Our interest is in your professional expertise.  Most authors are first-time authors.  The Lone Wolf team will work with you to develop your book proposal and manuscript.  Depending on your book topic, we will present your proposal to either Wiley or McGraw-Hill.  If the proposal is accepted, the publisher will contract with you directly for the writing of the project.  It is common for authors to receive a modest advance against royalties and then to be paid royalties twice a year when their books are selling.


You can check my credentials and Lone Wolf’s production list online at www.lonewolfent.net.   This is not a scam.  You will deal directly with the publisher for your project.  The publisher will contract Lone Wolf for the production work.  It costs you nothing.  You can also check my writing list at www.amazon.com.


Leona Jenkins is the General Manager of Lone Wolf and will be your first contact.  I will then work with you to develop and present your proposal.


We are looking for books that range in length from about 300 pages to about 600 pages.  The audience is mostly professionals in your field.  If you do not wish to write an entire book, we will be happy to talk with you about being a contributor of chapters that would be combined with other experts to create a complete book.


The amount of time given for this type of project ranges from six to twelve months.


We will be happy to provide you with further details upon request.


Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.  Please respond to Leona Jenkins at [log in to unmask]




Roger Woodson


Lone Wolf Enterprises, Ltd.

Leona L. Jenkins,
Vice-President and General Manager
Lone Wolf Enterprises, Ltd.
PMB # 300  13 Gurnet Road
Brunswick, Maine  04011