Hey all

So, we have a few things to talk about. First off, I think that we  
should not have a meeting this week, saying that everyone will be  
taking off for break. However, I want you all to be thinking of some  
things while you are eating turkey, and for the rest of the week.

1.) I found out that COTS (The Commitee on Temporary Shelter) is  
holding a spaghetti dinner on December 3rd. It would be healthy to  
have some competetion, however, there is a slight problem. They are  
raising money to donate to charity, while we are raising it for  
ourselves. I have talked with Dr. Riley and the officers, and we all  
think that it is better to postpone the dinner. THere is no reason to  
compete with a club that is raising money for charity. Also, I think  
that we have some other great fundraising ideas that we are ignoring,  
especially selling soup at the library, and some other events. I think  
that we should try to organize something for the beginning of next  
semester. It'll be cold, which is a great time for soup! So be  
thinking of this, we will do something at the next meeting and start  
discussing it.

2.) I need to make reservations this week for the hotel. If you are  
intersted in going to Hartford, CT, let me know if you haven't  
already.  I found a hotel in Vernon, CT, at $89.95 a night for two  
double beds. If we put 4 people in a room, that would work out well.  
The name of the Hotel is the Quality Inn Conference Center, and it's  
about 15 minutes from Hartford. So far, for the trip, I have the  
following people going:


Based on these 10 people (that are staying at the hotel) I'll probably  
hold 4 hotel rooms. We can cancel a room if we need to. I'm still  
working on a way to get more money for us, so hold tight.

3.) Keep thinking about Workshops. Aram, can you try to get in touch  
with Bear Irwin again? We should plan for something in late Feb, early  

Hope you all have a great week off! If you have any questions please  
contact me.