Thanks for the link to the article, but I wouldn't trust it:  I was one
of the people the reporter interviewed.  Most people on this list have
learned to disregard anything I say; unfortunately, though, thousands of
readers of the Rutland Herald and Times-Argus may have been fooled. 
Actually, that's not so with Times-Argus readers; I write so many
letters to the editor of that paper that I have as bad a reputation in
that venue as this one.  :-)

More seriously,  a quick survey of message headers on email I've
received lately would indicate that, while it is true that few use the
"helo" statement these days, enough mail that's important to me still
does that, at least from a selfish personal standpoint, I wouldn't want
to block it all.  Of the twenty-five messages I checked, three included
"helo" in the headers.  Of course, it was all personal mail: two were
from friends in England, one of those via corporate mail and one via a
UK ISP (Tiscali) and a third was from someone in North Carolina using  Since many of us use our school email for personal
messages (we set a policy allowing that in the early days in order to
encourage people to use the new email system), I would catch hell if I
ended up blocking messages such as ones from kids abroad asking their
parents to wire them more money.  Hmmm, on second thought, maybe folks
would thank me for blocking those messages.  :-)

As for the "it me" genre of spam, I finally put in a content filter to
block anything with that in the subject line.  Even if something legit
came through that way, I figure it deserves to be blocked on the grounds
of illiteracy.  (N.B.: I will allow "it's me" however, even though it
ignores the fact that the pronoun following "is" is actually a predicate
nominative and should be "I".  :-)  )

Yours truly,

Vince the Obnoxious Pedant


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> Ok several teachers and myself have been getting a lot of spam emails
> are not being picked up by the spam filter.  The subject changes per
> but it is something like "it me <name>" or "<name> here :)"
> I did find a similarity between them all.  If you look at the headers
> use a HELO statement in one of the received.  
> Received: from (HELO
>      by with esmtp (65ZZS48U,J T1T0)
>      id J1Y/2:-MD0.F5-E(
>      for [log in to unmask]; Mon, 20 Nov 2006 19:31:16 +0360
> After Doing some research I found that there is almost no chance that
> legitimate email will have a HELO statement.  here is one of the
sites i
> red; 
> All and all if it is possible to run a script blocking emails with
> statements in the headers, it is one step further toward eliminated
> mail. (not likely but one can hope)
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> I also saw this in the rutland herald today, looks like were in for
> another big wave:

> 386/1024/NEWS04