Westford School is looking for software that will aid music and language
special uses, as well as general lab use.

Westford's teachers have had experience with old versions of LanSchool,
but that was several years ago.   We are considering SynchronEyes, but
it does not meet all of the anticipated requirements listed below.
XClass Pro appears to satisfy all of the requirements, but includes
additional hardware for the language lab features.

What do SCHOOL-IT readers use? recommend? Which features are actually

-Peter Duval

Our Current Platform: Windows XPProSP2, Novell Netware/ZENworks.

Requirements, in no particular order:

Lock/Blank/"Eyes Forward" broadcast
Broadcast screens
Broadcast video
Supervise student screens
Grab student screens for broadcast
Remote control

Broadcast sound files and live teacher commentary

Language Lab
Supervise student speech
Record student speech


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