Hi Leslie,
I'm Luis Bango and I'm a teacher and educational technology specialist
at Woodstock Union High School.
I have ArcView and have been interested in teaching some basic GIS to my
computer students here.  I'm interested in collaborating with you and
could get the lab set up to meet your needs for the summer.  We have a
great Windows lab here with 20 Dell 2400s that are 2 years old with flat
screen monitors.
Also, our proximity to VINS may be a benefit.  I'm sure we could
negotiate a reasonable fee for the lab or perhaps even provide it free
depending on the length of the training and number of participants.
Feel free to give me a call or just reply.

Luis Bango
(802)457-1317 x198 

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Subject: Schools with GIS Software?

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering which schools out there have computer labs (more than 2
computers in a room?) with ArcGIS or ArcView installed. If you do have
GIS software, is it possible to use your computer lab during the summer
to conduct a training? We are a nonprofit and we are planning to do the
trainings next summer for municipal officials and K-12 teachers. The
trainings will be low cost or free, depending to some extent on how much
it costs to rent the computer labs!

Thanks for letting me know whether your school has GIS software
installed in its computer lab and whether the lab could be used for
these trainings.



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