Dear list:
Our old ILN projector's bulb died a short time back. A new bulb was going to be $435. So we decided to spend $500 and try out the Benq mp510 projector. It is now up and running and the results are mixed.
it is:
1500 lumens
2000:1 contrast
2000/3000 hour bulb life (bulbs are $200)
$500 retail, new product so that price should drop.
It is plenty bright for a room that has a fair amount of light shades up and lights on (1,500 lumens)
the noise was low,
it had some interesting features (1 touch screen blanker, presentation timer)
Overall build quality seemed good.
no VGA out
as a native 800x600 proj it got more fuzzy at 1024x768 than our native 8x6 NECs do.
1 year warranty
On another note, Does anyone use a wireless (for video input) projector that they are happy with? The only user I know of said reliability was spotty at best.
And finally, does anyone have any experience with this certain keyboard cover? Or any that they like?