Cable typically wont have enough uplink (usually 256), depending on who
provides you service, there is a "Premium" service that can get you an
uplink of 850 or 1024  which would be enough for this... providing you
aren't using the cable for anything else.
As for the VPN, you don't need to worry about what you are connecting
to.  That VPN is only going to go as fast as the slowest connection
(cable).  It will work just fine otherwise.
Mike Vining, SB Network Services


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Thanks Bill, 
I distributed the disk for the VLN to Chelsea and was talking about it
with Ray in Royalton. He informs me that our cable connection can't
handle the upload requirement for this system. Would a VPN with a T1
connected to it work even though the VPN was running over the cable
connection? Cynthia and I are doing erate RFP's this afternoon so I am
wondering if we should be applying for the infrastructure to do this.

On Nov 6, 2006, at 8:51 AM, Bill Romond wrote:


	David -


	The new Riverdeep curriculum tool that we will open up in a few
weeks will have a searchable database of the Vermont standards as well
as the Grade Expectations.





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	Subject: Standards database


	Dear list,

	I am looking for a searchable list of the Vermont Standards. Do
you know where I could find one?




	David Webb

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David Webb
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