Thanks to Scott's report, and my sitting at the computer at the same time, 
I was able to actually get on a Purple Sandpiper report quick enough to see 
one in VT!

Roy Pilcher also very fortunately happened to show up at Shelburne Bay at 
the same time, after checking Shelburne Point for the Harlequin, not 
knowing about the sandpiper.
The sandpiper was then just to the right of the shallow launch spot near 
the big rock, feeding actively in the shallow water.
It was still there about noon when we left.
Have a good weekend in this sun, Larry Haugh (Shelburne)

BTW, Roy got a whole series of photo shots of the bird from close up, so 
hopefully those will turn out.

I also briefly checked the westward looking beach area on Shelburne Point 
from my car with my bino (there are all kinds of no parking signs in that 
area); but didn't see any of the grebes or Harlequin, just mallards and 
black ducks were in close; but I didn't scope out further.

At 10:45 AM 11/25/2006 -0500, you wrote:
>At Shelburne Bay boat launch, a very cooperative PURPLE SANDPIPER was
>working the tip of the big rock as of 8:45 AM.  10-12 Bonaparte's
>Gulls cruised the bay.
>Scott Morrical
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>South Burlington