For the record, I did find Fish Crows in Bennington back in the late 1980's.
I'll need to go back to my old records to find the details.

Rich Guthrie
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Although Fish Crows have yet to be confirmed as a breeding bird in Vermont, 
they are annual spring/summer visitors to Chittenden County, with Red 
Rocks, Centennial Woods, and Price Chopper being favored hang-outs.  There 
was one that may have been at the Intervale during the Thayer's Gull visit 
last winter, but never confirmed.  So, it would be a nice bird to document 
as there isn't much data between August and February.

At 04:18 PM 11/12/2006 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm fairly sure I had a fish yesterday while biking at the Intervale
>along the Winooski River.  I took a movie and I have the crow calling
>in the background but its not that clear.  I have Fish crows in my
>backyard back at home so I am very familiar with them.  Are there
>fish crows in Vermont?  I can send the movie file to anyone who is
>interested.  Also there are many gulls hanging around the compost
>there and I'm hoping something interesting will show up there.  I
>also had a Drake and a Hen Long-tailed Duck last Tuesday at Shelburn
>Bay Park with my geology class.  Sorry for the previous post, I meant
>to sent it only to Ken Copenhaver.
>Thomas Ford-Hutchinson
>Doylestown, PA

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