Hello VT "Beeks":

I was happy to see more than the usual suspects in our yard this 
morning: 2 WT white, one tan crown scratching for seed 
near one of our feeders and romping in the tangled growth beneath a 
hedgerow. Nice! May these southerly and easterly winds are sending them 
back to VT... Also, I scattered some seed on the ground, so perhaps 
this was an invitation to them.

The usuals in our yard:  Our cadre of BC Chickadees, 2 Downy Woodies, a 
few Mourning Doves, Blue Jays and I could hear WB Nuthatches in our 
woods, but no sighting.  Had a Purple Finch earlier in the week, but 
one and done for him...

Also, has anyone been hearing some chirps in the night? The past 2 
nights I have around 2:00 to 3 am (I am often insomniac). Couldn't ID 
by voice...anyone else hear this or some thoughts about what it might 

Good Birding...

dawna Foreman
on Joslin Hill, in Waitsfield