This is the Vermont Rare Bird Alert for November 6, 2006 covering the period
October 30 - November 5, 2006.


Large numbers of COMMON LOONS were sighted off Grand Isle this week,
including 28 on 10/31, 35 on 11/1, and 12 on the 11/3.  Ten were seen in
South Hero on 11/4.


HORNED GREBE sightings were numerous and occurred in Grand Isle, Brown Bay
in Benson, Mud Creek, Lake Carmi, Berlin Pond and Charlotte.  RED-NECKED
GREBES were seen off Grand Isle (1on 10/31, 2 on 11/1, 1 on 11/3), in Milton
(1 on 11/1), Charlotte (3 on 11/4) and McCuen Slang (1 on 11/1).


A late-departing AMERICAN BITTERN was spotted in Tinmouth Channel on 10/30.
An equally late-departing GREEN HERON was observed at Brattleboro Retreat
Meadows on 10/30.


Waterfowl sightings were plentiful this week, with many of the peak
migrators spotted, including SNOW GEESE ( 2,000 at Dead Creek on 11/6),
Creek), GREEN-WINGED TEAL (many sightings), RING-NECKED DUCKS (many
sightings), BUFFLEHEAD (several sightings), COMMON GOLDENEYE (Tinmouth Pond,
Connecticut River, Lake Carmi), HOODED MERGANSERS (many sightings), several
flocks of WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS off of Grand Isle, Lake Carmi, Potash Bay and
McCuen Slang and 200+ BLACK SCOTERS in Potash Bay, 11/1 and 6 off Grand Isle
on 11/5.  More unusual waterfowl sightings include 40 BRANT in Brown Bay on
Lake Champlain 11/1, 1 at Dead Creek on 11/1, 25 at McCuen Slang on 11/1 and
Dead Creek, a COMMON EIDER off Grand Isle 11/5, 1 SURF SCOTER in Tinmouth
Channel on 10/30 and 2 females in Potash Bay on 11/1 , 3 LONG-TAILED DUCKS
on Berlin Pond, 11/2 and 15 in Charlotte on 11/4 and 2 RUDDY DUCKS on
Colchester Pond and 1 at Cersosimo Setback, both on 11/5.


AMERICAN COOTS were spotted at Berlin Pond (3 on 11/1 and 11/3), 1 off Grand
Isle and 4 at Sandbar State Park on 11/4.


A late sighting of a WILSON'S SNIPE took place at Whitney Creek on 11/1.


Two-hundred and fifty BONAPARTE'S GULLS were observed from Grand Isle on


Six HORNED LARKS were sighted at Dead Creek on 10/29.


CAROLINA WRENS were seen in Bennington, Proctor, Sharon and Brandon this


On 10/29 over 100 AMERICAN PIPITS were observed near Kingsland Bay State
Park; 30 were seen on Grand Isle on 11/2.


Seventy-five CEDAR WAXWINGS were observed on Grand Isle 11/1.


Late migrating sparrows included 3 CHIPPING SPARROWS spotted in Proctor on
10/31 and 2 on 11/1, 2 VESPER SPARROWS observed in Charlotte on 10/29 and 3
SWAMP SPARROWS seen at Dead Creek on 11/4 and 11/5.


SNOW BUNTINGS were observed at Dead Creek, Plymouth and Kent Pond this week.


Five EASTERN MEADOWLARKS were sighted at Dead Creek on 10/30.  RUSTY
BLACKBIRDS were seen at Victory Bog (3) and Otter View Park in Middlebury
(12).  A large flock of 1,400 RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS darkened the sky at Dead
Creek on 11/1.


Thanks to the following contributors whose observations were cited: Greg
Askew, Bill Barnard, Bonnie Dundas, C.J.Frankiewicz, Spencer Hardy, David
Hoag, Carol and Peter Johnson, John Lloyd, Bruce MacPherson, Sherry Mahady,
Peter Manship, Roger Masse, Al Merritt, Ron Payne, Roy Pilcher, Barbara
Powers, Sharon Riley, Davie Rolnick, Julie Waters, Sue Wetmore, Terry Wright
and Nathan Zalik.


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