Roy Pilcher wrote: 
>  My records go back to 1965 when I first arrived in Vermont 
>  and the USA on  6/6/1965.  

What an adventure you have had, Roy!  Over 40 years of observing and
recording.  That's impressive.  You've made a remarkable contribution.  Your
enthusiasm is infective-- you've influenced a lot of people, including me. 

>  ...  Now I can 
>  throw away all those six-ring binders but alas there are 
>  still  the butterfly records!...

Oh, no, please don't!  As valuable and efficient as the electronic records
are, they can't capture all the nuances of the kind of notes you have taken
all these years.  Those binders may well provide future investigators
information that doesn't stand out right now: it's waiting for the right

Oh, butterflies-- I really need to take one of the butterfly courses.
Besides the hundreds of monarchs passing though my yard this fall, I had
many, many butterflies I couldn't identify, to my frustration.  Maybe you
can recommend a particularly good field guide? 

Dayle Ann