There have been very few sparrows in the yard this fall here in Mad River 
Valley.  Had a few White throats until the cold weather hit last week, one 
Song still hanging around.

Pat Folsom
East Warren Rd,
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Sent: Monday, November 06, 2006 9:40 AM
Subject: [VTBIRD] Where are the sparrows?

This Fall the sparrows at my feeders have been very few. Where last year the 
mixed flocks numbers 100s. Last year was exceptional, but previously there 
were also substantial numbers. This year they have been in the 1-2 dozen 
range and the variety seems rather limited. One or two white-crowns all 
season - first tree this morning (1) - no foxes (yet). I've been asked the 
question by others as well - where are the sparrows?

So I'm wondering - are others around the state having a similar experience?

If the lack of sparrows is common, I would presume that means the natural 
food supply is abundant this year.

If the lack of sparrows is limited to SE Vt, or even to my section of the 
West R. Valley, then I'd be interested in thoughts about why this is so.

Thanks in advance for sharing your sparrow feeder numbers - and thoughts.

Chris Petrak
South Newfane, VT
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