I just moved to the area (Shoreham) this summer and have had little time 
for more than accidental birding even on my own property, so my minimal 
observations aren't worth much, but what I've seen (or not seen) is so 
in line with this, I thought I'd chime in.

I had a couple of White-Throats this fall, never saw a White-Crown, 
haven't had Trees or Foxes-- that I've seen.   There are a number of 
Songs inhabiting the brushy edges of the farm fields across the road, as 
there have been since spring.  No idea how many or if they're the same ones.

But about 10 days ago, a noisy, voracious gang of a dozen or more House 
Finches suddenly descended on my feeders and hasn't left.  I had a pair 
off and on all summer, but never even saw youngsters, so these guys came 
from somewhere else.  It's a great pleasure to see the greedy, fractious 
little guys since they've been extremely scarce where I came from, 
Eastern Mass., for quite a few years.

I had something like two dozen Goldfinches in two loose gangs all 
summer, but they disappeared en mass overnight about a month ago.  Maybe 
a week ago, a single male started coming to the feeders, and he's still 

I have a few juncos, but I haven't been spreading seed on the ground 
because I don't want to set the birds up for my cat, so I've only caught 
glimpses of them here and there.

I lived for 30 years in a place where the sighting of a Song Sparrow was 
a major event, so I'm certainly not complaining, but I am a little 
surprised at the relative dearth of sparrows.


- Maeve Kim wrote:
> I've had just a few white-crowned (for two days only) also. I've been missing 
> my regular fall visits from fox sparrows. - There are lots and lots of house 
> and gold finches, though; the house finches are more numerous and more regular 
> than ever before.
> Maeve Kim
> Jericho Center