I know this is off topic, but hopefully everyone will enjoy this little
diversion until the winter rarities show up.

We took a Cruise to Alaska during the first week of September.  It was a
lot of fun in many ways, especially standing on the deck, slowly
freezing, looking across the water for birds.  I had many people ask
what I was doing, but few birders seemed to be onboard.  Which is a
shame, because I'm pretty dreadful at gulls and pelagic birds.  

I did fortunately take a lot of photos which has helped tremendously.
Many of the birds were pretty easy, but many were really hard for me.
Some are just plain mysteries.  

Here's a link and you will find at the top of the page a list that you
can click on.  

If you have any thoughts on the Mystery birds please lend your thoughts.
And please don't be shy if you think I missed an ID. 


Michael DeCorte