My impression from the reviews is that DynaMed is aimed more at the
primary care setting while UpToDate is more geared to the medical
specialties.  Is that a fair assessment? 

James R Johnson  MSLS
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Hi--We just got DynaMed; it really is a superior product, but it has a
different format, really "point of care" (as it's advertised) rather
than the "essay" style of UpToDate.  The docs are familiar with UpToDate
and are reluctant to change, but DynaMed is affordable while UpToDate is
If anyone has any ideas about MARKETING DynaMed, please let me know!

Claire B. Joseph, MS, MA, AHIP
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We are also in the process of renewal and have been looking at options
for our large, multi-hospital system where our number one question is -
"Can I access UTD from home."  Questions about access arose as a result
of questionnaires UTD required from our IT department.  We also had a
site visit from UTD which provided me an opportunity to express how
out-of-date their business model is.  

We have had a trial for DynaMed for the past two months and have
received some positive response; however, the product does not yet meet
the needs of our customers.  UTD has done their job marketing to
physicians and change to another vendor will be a huge dissatisfier. I
have asked some of the docs to express concern about the remote access
issue to UTD reps should they see them at conferences.  Perhaps their
opinion will have some impact. I will keep looking options. 


Karen Dillon, MLS
Manager, Library Services
Carilion Health System
PO Box 13367, Roanoke, VA 24033
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Hi Medlibbers - I MUST share this information; it's just too

We've subscribed to UpToDate for several years, and our renewal is upon
  We were recently sent a form to complete, in which we had to verify
that the statistics we submit to the AHA (upon which UTD bases its
hospital subscription costs) were accurate, and that all our satellite
locations were represented in those figures.

So, what, we lied to the AHA, but will now tell the truth to UTD???

In addition, it appears that UTD went trolling on our website, and
discovered several satellite locations they didn't know about.  Those
locations don't see patients (they are research facilities within larger
office buildings in the same city as our hospital) and are the result of
insufficient space on our main campus.  So, UTD asked for numbers of
physicians who work out of those locations.

After scrounging around for the numbers, I reported back - 27 physicians
work there part time (the rest of the time they're back on our main
campus or elsewhere).

Today, UTD called me, and here's what they're offering: pretty much the
same price (roughly $XX,XXX) as last year for all the locations they
previously knew about AND ANOTHER $XX,XXX to cover the 27 physicians who
work part time out of the two research facilities (because they are not
covered in the patient statistics).  Or, I can cut those locations out,
so when a doc is standing on our main campus she can use UTD, but when
she's standing in her research office she can't.  Though all our
locations are on a single computer network, our IT staff would have to
find a way to restrict access to UTD to those two locations AND certify
to UTD that they had done so.

ARE THESE PEOPLE INSANE??  Really, in all my years of doing this work,
I've never encountered such irrational, paranoid, punitive behavior in a
  Sure, we all know about the greed and the incompetence of some vendors,
but this rises to a whole new level of arrogance.

Toward the end of the conversation, they told me that our usage was
three times greater than other hospitals of our type, implying that
either there was some kind of malfeasance going on, or that we must be
prepared to pay for our crime of actually using their product.  

Just for some basic information, we're a private, not-for-profit
pediatric teaching hospital.  We are unaffiliated (in terms of
ownership) with any other institution.  We have a single administration.

This kind of egregious behavior has to be shared.  I pray fervently that
sooner rather than later, I can dump UTD in favor of something else. 
course when I said that to my callers, they had no response.  I don't
think they would care in the least.

Susan Klawansky
Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center Seattle, WA
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