Hi Everyone,

   I hope that you are having a wonderful break and enjoying the holidays!
I have heard back from EWB-USA about applying for a project.  We need  
to attend a workshop before we are able to begin a project.  The next  
one will be the International Conference April 11-14.  I will meet  
with SGA when we get back and see what the financial situation is and  
how many members we will be able to bring.  I have also emailed the  
Chapter coordinator for EWB about fundraising and selling fair trade  
organic coffee.
   Katelyn, would you be able to contact Kim Morris from EWB-UNH about  
working with them on their project in Niger.  Please let them know  
that we would be more than willing to go to UNH and meet with them in  
person.  Her contact information and the vice president's can be found  
at www.ewb-usa.org under chapter directory >> Northeast region >>  
EWB-UNH.  Thank-you so much for your help!