Hi Charlie,  from Searsburg- Good to hear you are still
listening!!  Have a wonderful holiday!!

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Subject: Re: Tax Payments.

Forgive me for jumping in, but I just couldn't resist. The legislature may
have answered your question for you, Laura.

32 V.S.A.  4773 states:

(a) A municipality which has not previously voted to establish the time and
method of tax payment for the municipality may by majority vote of its
members present and voting at a regular or special town meeting fix a date
or dates, time of acceptance, and method of delivery, including acceptance
of postmarked mail, for the payment of the tax and may direct its collector,
or treasurer as receiver of taxes, to deduct a percent to be fixed by such
vote, not to exceed four percent from the tax of a person who pays his or
her taxes on or before such date or dates.

(b) A municipality that does not vote to fix a date, time, or method of
delivery for the payment of a tax shall accept payment of a tax delivered or
postmarked before midnight on the day established in the notice required by
section 4772 of this title


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Subject: Re: Tax Payments.

We accept postmarks.
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Subject: Tax Payments.

> The Town Treasurer would like to know how you handle your tax payments.
> Do you have a cut off time when you stop collecting on the due date or do
> you collect them until 12 PM.
> Also do you consider the post mark as being paid on time.
> Laura Castle
> Town Middletown Springs
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