Two areas:

Chittenden East Supervisory Union has an effective Internet content
filter, SurfControl.  However, we are unable to filter image searches. 
We want to leave open image searches, but with moderate filtering. 
People can, and do, easily turn off the moderate filter in Google.  

We've tried:
a.  white-listing in our server the moderately filtered search of
Google s while black-listing the other types, but the url fluctuates too
much to make the approach effective.  
b. using other "safe" sites, but have found none that are satisfactory
for our purposes.

Has anyone come up with a satisfactory image filtering method?

Is there a master list of "safe" sites that someone has compiled?

We block sites like during the day, and tell teachers to
save them after school for later use.  However, many educationally
appropriate sites, for example CNN, have video streams.   Does anyone
have an efficient way to avoid clogging the bandwidth while making
available appropriate streaming during the day?  Is any technology on
the horizon to help schools?

Steve Jarrett
District Technology Coordinator
Chittenden East Supervisory Union
(802) 899 - 4690 X502
(fax) (802)899-2904 

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