On Dec 11, 2006, at 9:43 AM, Newt Edwards wrote:

Does anyone use or know where to get a barcode scanner for use with  
Sagebrush Winnebago Library software? Sagebrush wants $495.00 for  
there scanner.

While it probably won't work for your application, there are a number  
of programs that use an ordinary PC webcam to scan books, dvds, etc ...

LibraryScan (zip)
LibraryScan is a complete solution for cataloging your books, CDs,  
MP3s, DVDs, VHS tapes, and games. It requires nothing more than your  
computer, a broadband Internet connection and an inexpensive USB- 
compatible Web cam. Furthermore it's simplicity itself to use.  
LibraryScan uses a Web cam to read barcodes from the back ...

My guess is that the $495 price is not for the scanner, but for the  
software that integrates the scanner into the library system ... so  
probably the only way around this is with an Open Source Library  
Catalog ... don't know if there are any, though ... Probably can make  
the money back from the "overdo" fees ...