Pearson and Schoolmaster will demo their products for our district in
three weeks.   We don't know what we don't know, so we want to see what
features are available.  Then, we'll decide if we want to go with an
official request for proposal.

We are currently using Schoolmaster at Mt. Mansfield.  Winschool is
used at each the other eight Chittenden East SU schools, though
independently of each other.

Steve Jarrett
District Technology Coordinator
Chittenden East Supervisory Union
(802) 899 - 4690 X502
(fax) (802)899-2904 

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ANESU is using MMS and it largely fills our needs.  Contact Michael
Carper at [log in to unmask] for technical info.  We were pleased
with the ability to upload our data to TetraData.  5 years ago, when
were searching, MMS was the best price for the most features.  We use
on-line attendance each block at the high school, and all schools are
using attendance, discipline, health modules in addition to the basic
demographic stuff.

Lauren Kelley Parren
Educational Technology Coordinator ANESU
Portfolio Coordinator, Mt.Abraham Union High School
Bristol, Vermont 05443
fax 802-453-4359

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I've searched through archives on this list first, but didn't get much

What are schools using for their student information systems?

Here in Barre we are using Pearson Education Systems "Chancery 
SMS"  (web-based for K-8) and Chancery MacSchool (9-12).  While the
solution is working, and is integrated (via a replicator), there are 
changes afoot....

Pearson has repositioned SMS as a product for middle to large school 
districts (their documentation states "30,000 students" as a starting 
point).  Barre has roughly 3k students.  We've also been told that 
MacSchool is going to go away at some point (date unknown).

For K-8, SMS is used for electronic standards-based report cards,
(middle school), electronic attendance, behavior incidents,
and transfer of student info between our 2 K-8 schools and the SHS/BVT

campus.  For SHS/BVT, MacSchool is used for report cards, eclass
behavior, and attendance.

So, we're wondering who is using what for a SIS.....and does it fit
needs?  comments?

Rob Stalling
Technology Support
Barre Supervisory Union
Barre, VT  05641
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