We are using SASI across Chittenden Central.  If you are interested in
the details of how the databases link together, contact Mike Meier
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This posting is timely as we are looking at Parent Access to schedules,
grades, etc.  I understand that a few schools are using this service so
I am wondering:

What software you are using (ie SASI, MMS, Winschool)
What are you making available (grades, schedules, other)
What issues have you had in implementing this service?
Who could I contact with questions?

Thanks and Happy Holidays

Jack W. Barnes, CNE
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Chttenden East watched the demo of Chancery SMS in a Randolph a few
years ago with other schools.  While it looked pretty versatile, we were
not willing to lay our bets on a brand new system.  The challenges that
you and others discussed on the list serve then disinclined us to look
further at that time.

We are, obviously, looking at options again.


Steve Jarrett
District Technology Coordinator
Chittenden East Supervisory Union
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>>> Tommy Walz <[log in to unmask]> 12/21/2006 12:40 PM >>>
Steve, I'm curious.  With all those WinSchool installations, Chittenden

East never considered consolidation w/ Chancery SMS?  Just wondering if

you know what the thought processes or reasons were.

On Dec 21, 2006, at 8:02 AM, Steve Jarrett wrote:

> Pearson and Schoolmaster will demo their products for our district
> three weeks.   We don't know what we don't know, so we want to see
> features are available.  Then, we'll decide if we want to go with an
> official request for proposal.
> We are currently using Schoolmaster at Mt. Mansfield.  Winschool is
> used at each the other eight Chittenden East SU schools, though
> independently of each other.
Tommy J. Walz
Technology Coordinator
Barre Supervisory Union