I have also been interested and informed in the sis discussion. The  
one factor that I have not seen mentioned much is the cost factor ,  
including support and training.
here at Cabot we have been using a custom Filemaker solution since  
1998 which does scheduling, grades attendance, transcripts, and some  
other forms and letters. It has firt our unique and quirky "small"  
school needs with a total investment to date of somewhere around  
$8,000. Paul Haskel who developed SpEdDoc and the 21st Century  
program databases has worked with us and we are hoping to invest in  
an overhaul/upgrade to take us into the future..... I have heard  
quotes of $20-30K and up for larger systems and would appreciate  
hearing from folks on the list regarding cost factor....

On Dec 22, 2006, at 10:55 AM, BOB OWENS wrote:

In Addison NW we are using SASIxp at our four schools. The K6 schools
are using it for attendance, health, and discipline. The M/HS uses it
also for period attedance scheduling, report cards, transcripts. The
teachers in the K6 use Filemaker for standards based report cards for
the first time this year. We do import some SASI data for use in the
report cards. They have access to the system using Citrix which allows
for access over the web. The M/HS uses Integrade pro for report cards.

We are generally happy with the program although the Integrade program
is not fully integrated with SASI. We are moving to a server based
version next year.

Our FileMaker system will be used K8 next year but not in the HS due to
transcripts, ranking, etc.

Bob Owens
Educational Technology Coordinator
Addison Northwest Supervisory Union
48 Green Street, Suite 1
Vergennes VT 05491
v. 802 877-3332
f. 802 877-3628
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>>> Rob Stalling <[log in to unmask]> 12/20/2006 4:13 pm >>>
I've searched through archives on this list first, but didn't get much

What are schools using for their student information systems?

Here in Barre we are using Pearson Education Systems "Chancery
SMS"  (web-based for K-8) and Chancery MacSchool (9-12).  While the
solution is working, and is integrated (via a replicator), there are
changes afoot....

Pearson has repositioned SMS as a product for middle to large school
districts (their documentation states "30,000 students" as a starting
point).  Barre has roughly 3k students.  We've also been told that
MacSchool is going to go away at some point (date unknown).

For K-8, SMS is used for electronic standards-based report cards,
(middle school), electronic attendance, behavior incidents,
and transfer of student info between our 2 K-8 schools and the SHS/BVT

campus.  For SHS/BVT, MacSchool is used for report cards, eclass
behavior, and attendance.

So, we're wondering who is using what for a SIS.....and does it fit
needs?  comments?

Rob Stalling
Technology Support
Barre Supervisory Union
Barre, VT  05641
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