It looks like FitnessGram is the only game in town.  We're using the
network version in Montpelier with clients installed on the teachers'
machines. We started it at the middle school last year and added the
high school this year.  It seems to do what the PE teachers want it to
do, but we did have the problem that Eric describes, i.e., no worky on
some OS X versions. 

We did have it working on Macs last year, but I'm not sure what OS
level we were running then; we're running 10.47 now.  The company says
it's a Java problem and claims it will work on earlier versions of 10.4
if you back-rev the Java client, but we didn't have any success with
that.  I think they did acknowledge that, at this point, it won't work
on 10.47 at all.

Since our PE people are not using it that frequently right now, the
ones with Macs go find a free PC when they need to work with the
program.  Not the best arrangement.

But, come to think of it, you don't have any Macs in your district, do



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> The schools in our district are using different locally installed PE
> software.  One is FitnessGram that is currently local but they offer
> network version that uses SQL Server.
> My questions are:
> What are other schools using?
> Is anyone using a central database?
> If a central database, what is the client access?  workstation
> Browser?
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