At GISU we use iprism. Proxy blocking seems to be what it mostly is
blocking these days. I have gotten thru using a proxy in testing, but
they usually get blocked soon. No way could you keep up with it

Iprism costs money. I have heard "Dan's Guardian" is free, but don't
know how well it works.

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Subject: use of proxy websites for anonymous surfing

Here at Blue Mountain we recently are experiencing a problem with
accessing proxy websites that allow for anonymous web surfing, thus 
thwarting our content filter. In response we are doing a schoolwide 
education piece, as well as upping the consequences to students for this

particular infraction. We also have added several of the proxy website
to the custom blocked list, but don't for a moment think we'd be able to

determine/keep up with them all. (btw, we use Sonicwall for content

Is this the extent of what can be done to address this problem or are
other options that we've missed here at the school?

Thanks for any assistance on this,

John Munson
Technology Coordinator