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Still a little time left..before all that holiday cheer!   Can you pass
this along to teachers that might be looking for professional
development in technology?
 3 credits each, $1000.00 for each course.

OFFERINGS FOR SPRING 2007 from UVM-VI partnership:

For more information as well as registration information, go to this

New!  Technology and Leadership for Integration Specialists 
(Peter Drescher, M.Ed.)
This online course targets Technology Integration Specialists and
teacher leaders with roles in technology planning and teaching at
Vermont school sites. Overall, the course seeks to explore the
leadership aspects of these roles in the context of technology
integration planning. Participants in this course will study the means
to foster leadership around the planning and development of solid goals
for their school technology needs. Course limit: 18

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Learning Theory, Instructional Design, and Technology
(Sandy Lathem, M.Ed.)
This course explores learning-theory research and its applications for
technology-enriched, standards-based units of study. Students will
examine theories of constructivism, multiple intelligences, and
contemporary research related to how people learn. Participants will
understand how technology applications can be used to create learning
environments that strengthen problem-solving skills, and encourage
communication, collaboration, and reflection. . 
Course limit: 18

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Technology, Schooling, and Society
(Colleen MacKinnon, Ed.D.)
This course explores the influences of technology on schooling and
society. Using sociological, historical, and philosophical frameworks,
course participants will consider ways that the proliferation and use of
information technologies presents both challenges and opportunities for
teachers, learners, and community members. 
Course limit: 18

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