South Burlington uses Schoolmaster in each of the 3 elementary schools,
middle school, and high school.  Right now each is a stand-alone system,
but we can relatively easily share data, report formats, etc. between
them.  We plan to move to the "Schoolmaster for Districts" package this
summer, which will give us one database for the entire district and will
simplify management.

We do standards-based report cards at the elementary schools and a mix
of standards and letter grades at the middle school and high school.

Teachers use the Schoolmaster gradebook for letter grades at the middle
and high school.  The gradebook integrates with the main Schoolmaster
database for updating class lists and posting grades.  The gradebook
also has a feature that enables teachers to post their gradebook info to
the web so students and parents can check on the students' assignments
and grades.

Administrators have a Palm version that gives them portable access to
student info.

Schoolmaster is not perfect, but it's met our needs quite well.  And the
price is right!


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I've searched through archives on this list first, but didn't get much

What are schools using for their student information systems?

Here in Barre we are using Pearson Education Systems "Chancery SMS"
(web-based for K-8) and Chancery MacSchool (9-12).  While the current
solution is working, and is integrated (via a replicator), there are
changes afoot....

Pearson has repositioned SMS as a product for middle to large school
districts (their documentation states "30,000 students" as a starting
point).  Barre has roughly 3k students.  We've also been told that
MacSchool is going to go away at some point (date unknown).

For K-8, SMS is used for electronic standards-based report cards,
gradebook (middle school), electronic attendance, behavior incidents,
transportation and transfer of student info between our 2 K-8 schools
and the SHS/BVT

campus.  For SHS/BVT, MacSchool is used for report cards, eclass
gradebook, behavior, and attendance.

So, we're wondering who is using what for a SIS.....and does it fit your
needs?  comments?

Rob Stalling
Technology Support
Barre Supervisory Union
Barre, VT  05641
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