Dansguardian is one of the most flexible filters I've found.  We have it
automatically turn every google search into a "safe search" by appending
a string to the URL.  It can also block images from "bad" URLS within a
different URL, i.e. a picture in Google's image search results.  That
means you can do a Google image search, and if there are any images that
come from a site that's blocked in the results, that image is blocked as

Michael Finn
Network Administrator
Essex Town School District

>>> David Curtis <[log in to unmask]> 12/08/2006 16:00 >>>
Dansguardian has options for "forcing" google safe search. Not sure if
it can do others. We have not tried it yet. 

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Two areas:

Chittenden East Supervisory Union has an effective Internet content
filter, SurfControl.  However, we are unable to filter image searches.

We want to leave open image searches, but with moderate filtering. 
People can, and do, easily turn off the moderate filter in Google.