Re: Buring PowerPoints in DVD format “Buring” these may be the problem. Id try burning them. ; )

We’ve done this process below at BBA with quite a bit of success.

Setup timings in PowerPoint to play slides automatically. Done a few where I forgot a few clicks and there. Just takes some time.

Export as a QuickTime video: 720 x 480 is standard tv res. Important to toss the res up that high. In the slides move text away from the corners because of that nasty tv border thing.

Open iDVD (mac). Import the Qtime vid, or select file whatever. Tune up as you see fit and burn to DVD format. Choose your standard (4:3, or 16:9 widescreen) and then burn away.

If you’re making lots of them, once the master is made, check into one of those cd/dvd replicators from Lacie. Works very well. 1 Master bay and six burners. 6 copies from a loaded dvd in about 6-8 minutes. Very cool.


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This is exactly what we are running into... "stuff to take home for Mom and Dad to watch" -
I actually downloaded a presentersoft trial last year, and actually it was the best one I found for because it  "Preserve animations, graphics, transitions, audios and narrations from the original PowerPoint Presentations"   Others we tried lost the animations and other techniques t hat some of our teachers have "spent time" learning how to use.  Like you said Mike, it was  not the most userfriendly interface, but we were able to produce some 'somewhat satisfactory" output until one of our teachers brought in a quite long and complex PowerPoint.  I think if we had tried it on a more powerful computer with more memory, we might have had better luck.  It seems to work by recording the video display, so there might be a lot of variables that impact the results.  We ended up with AVI results that started 'great' but ended up with blackoutput in the middle.  Again I'm suspecting harddrive speed, memory, and video display settings are all part of the equation.  So we're still learning through "time intensive" trial and error methods what might work and what might not.  So I really appreciate the the experience that has been shared so far about this topic.  We can learn so much from each other and save valuable time when we do.

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I usually try to avoid 3rd party apps, but unfortunatly the options are limited when it comes to this sort of thing.  Movie Maker has the same problem, you can't simply take the movie and stick it on a DVD and send it home for Mom and Dad to watch on TV.

Take a peak at the following for the PowerPoint issue:

Please let us know if you try them or have tried them, I bet we'd use them too.

We have a user here that wants to burn UnitedStreaming videos to DVD as well (I checked with UnitedStreaming and this is fine as long as we maintain a subscription and never ever convert the digital file to analog formats).  I found a tool that's cheap and pretty user proof for converting most video files to DVD format.  I've used it and it's simple, if a bit limited on how creative you can get, .   I tried the software out just because the name was so screwy, but I actually liked the simplicity of it.  It will also convert those pesky Movie Maker files to DVD as well.  The only thing it lacks is a menu builder.  Ahead Nero has a nice suite of tools to work around this sort of thing as well, but I wouldn't call it user proof.  


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Is anyone out there using any products to burn PowerPoints to a DVD format.
We tried a screen capture format with mixed results.
There are many products that claim they can do this with a variety of prices.
Looking for advice.

Lucie deLaBruere

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